After winning the first prize at the Euro Pride Canal Parade 2016, The World Religion Boat sails again at the Amsterdam Canal Parade on the 4th of August, 2018. All world religions are represented in this unique event. The theme of the boat is “COEXIST as ONE family”, being united as ONE family regardless of religious backgrounds. The letters in our logo: C-O-E-X-I-S-T, each represent a symbol that is related to one of the five world religions: Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, together with the world peace sign and the different gender signs.

This boat is very special because religious leaders from all over the world, who are gay or gay friendly, and people from their communities, show the world that together they stand for LGBT-rights and human rights. It will be a cheerful, interreligious gathering during the Pride Canal Parade. We expect to welcome 40 religious leaders or activists and around 60 members from their communities. The leaders will appear in their colorful vestments or robes and their members from their respective communities will be there to celebrate and dance and help with decorations, inflatables and giveaways.  

The World Religion Boat is really a living symbol of peace and solidarity. In 2018 we will show the world again that it is possible to coexist with people from all religions as ONE family if we simply start with love and respect for all religions.

The theme of Amsterdam Pride 2018 is Heroes. Everyone knows someone who deserves the ‘hero status’. “Think of people who take the lead, stand for something and also propagate it in public. It concerns people, whether or not they belong to the LGBTI community, who are committed to human rights in general and / or our community in particular in various ways. The organization of Amsterdam Pride does not decide who these heroes are and who deserves this ‘hero status’. We leave that up to you, our community. Everyone is free to enter into the discussion and everyone is free to appoint a hero”.

To the organization of the World Religion Boat we are ONE family of Heroes. We believe that it takes heroes to show the world and religious leaders that we matter, that we care and that we are an important part of Gods familiy.


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