We want to create a world religion boat where all major religions are represented by their respective gay or gay friendly leaders and by members of each community in joyful celebration.  Where the leaders will symbolically show their solidarity for gay rights and human rights by participating in the parade on this boat.  The leaders will appear in their colorful vestments or robes and their members from their respective communities will be there to celebrate and dance and help with decorations, inflatables and giveaways.  
It’s our key message that it is possible for all people of faith to coexist in peace and freedom if we simply start with love and respect for all religions.

amsterdamgaypride-logo2015We will use the word COEXIST and within each letter there will be a symbol of each of the major religions. The logo itself shows how all can coexist in one word.  The key elements are respect, understanding, brotherhood and love.

The theme of the AGP16 is JOIN Our Freedom, feel free to join us and the theme of coexist is essentially joining of all world religions together and the gay/gay friendly element brings us even closer together.  

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