Mexican dinner for 4 – DONATE NOW

SPECIAL OFFER FROM THE CHAIRPERSON OF THE WORLD RELIGION BOAT: For Euro 295.00 donation, Barbara Rogoski will personally prepare her world famous delicious Mexican dinner for 4 for you in your home! Frozen margaritas, guacamole to die for, beef or veggie burritos and for dessert DEEP FRIED ICE CREAM.

Please help us raise money for the boat and have a delicious dinner for 4 prepared specially for you!
Go to our donate page and send us a note and the donation today! Please share this offer with your friends! Gracias!
mexican dinner

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French gay imam on our boat!

Studio_20160621_101614 We are very proud to let you know that the French gay imam and doctor in social and human sciences

Ludovic Mohammed Zahed

will be on the World Religion Boat!

He is a French Muslim who is gay, and a feminist. He no longer wants people to think that it is an impossible blend, and that these different aspects of his identity are incompatible, just because of fascists’ violence which as nothing to do with islam as a spirituality based on peace and inclusivity. With this in mind he started a mosque in Paris in 2010 where all people are welcome to pray together. All are welcome, no matter their religious background or sexual orientation.

About the need for places like this Ludovic Zahed said “Today in France, gay teenagers are almost 15 times more likely than those who are straight to kill themselves because of their sexual orientation. Left deeply bruised by this fact, I decided to create an association in support of LGBT+ French, European and North African Muslims.”

“For me it is mandatory to fight against all discrimination and prejudices especially those within our minorities towards other faith based traditions”. We hope that the World Religion Boat, together with all religious leaders, activists and members on the boat, can show the world that all discrimination and prejudices can be thrown overboard when we show eachother respect and love!

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All are welcome!

Studio_20160620_205253With the Euro Pride coming closer day by day, more and more pre Euro Pride events take place. At those events we talk to many enthousiastic people who feel committed to our message “COEXIST in Freedom”. Also alot of people think that only religious leaders and activist are welcome on the World Religion Boat. This however is not true!

All are welcome on the World Religion Boat!

The only condition is that you are religious or looking for God in any way and that you share our motto “All people can life together in peace and freedom no matter their religion or sexual oriëntation”. Of course, it is the Gay Parade, so being gay or at least gay-friendly speaks for itself. For more information about sailing with us on August 6th, Please contact us

Don’t want to sail with us, but loving the idea that there will be an imam, a dominee, a reverend, a shaman etc. on only ONE GayPrideBoat? Please donate here. We need your financial support!

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We need sponsors

Only two more months till the Canal Parade! The guest list is getting longer and longer, Gerwin Smit our designer is working hard to bring our ideas to life and the hits on our website keep increasing every day. People we meet and talk with about The World Religion Boat are all excited about the vision and theme of the boat. BUT… we need more sponsors!

When we applied for a boat at the Canal Parade Irene Hemelaar predicted that the World Religion Boat was going to be “one of the Pearls Of The Parade”. Ofcourse we want to keep up with these expectations, BUT… we need your help. In order to get all religious symbols in the air and all religious leaders on the boat, we need money!

PLEASE help us to get our boat in the water and DONATE!

FB_IMG_1465413987035Donations can be made on our website. Because we want to give something back to those who support us, we have made special bracelets for those who sponsor us with 10 euro or more. These bracelets are a limited edition items. During EuroPride we will hand out other bracelets to support our theme, but only the ones who donate now will be able to make their set complete!

Donate here and send your name and adress details to

Every Euro counts!

Are you able to make a BIGGER donation or do you know someone who wants to do so? Please contact us about the OPTIONS we have for bigger sponsors!

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Reception and Panel Discussion

logo_logoBMThe team of The World Religion Boat is extremely busy to make sure that our boat will sail at August 6th. But another important task is to spread our powerful message, Coexist in Freedom. To do so, we would like to invite all religious leaders and members confirmed as our guests on the boat for a “Meet and Greet” reception on Thursday August 4th 7pm. As we are all from different religious groups, it will be nice to meet each other before the big event Saturday. Let’s find out what we have in common and appreciate the differences!

There also will be an interreligious panel discussion with the theme: ‘COEXIST for a day on a boat, but how can we coexist in peace and respect for a lifetime?’ Wielie Elhorst, Jacqueline Carver, Dino Suhonic and two other international guests will have an open discussion about how we can accomplish this in reality.

This reception and panel discussion are open for everyone interested, but please register in advance by email to the Chairperson of the boat: Barbara Rogoski, Limited number of places available for those not on the boat.

Meet and Greet/Panel Discussion, Thursday August 4th, Bijbels Museum, Herengracht 366, 1016 CH Amsterdam

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Only 3 1/2 months to go!

FB_IMG_1460886813708Only 3 1/2 months to go till Europride Canal Parade on August 6th, 2016! We are busy organizing the details around our boat. The religious leaders list is growing – we are up to 17 leaders now from all major world religions and 20 guests. Our goal is to welcome 30 religious leaders and 50 members.

The boat itself is reserved and our talented Gerwin Smit, who is a theatre set and costume designer is busy doing his magic to make the boat spectacular.

We are still busy looking for religious leaders, sponsors and donations, so please donate here!

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Holy Boat Update!

Studio_20160307_022512A lot has happened during this last week. Our boat designer “extra ordinaire”, Gerwin is in discussion with several contractors and are making the final decisions with Barbara this week. By hiring the contractor the type of boat we want to use has made the details more concrete.

Gerwin has been sharing sketches of the vision we have for the boat and it is becoming more clear and exciting every day! On August 6th we will know if our boat will be just as fabulous as the sketch.

Also this week Barbara received the news that one of our sponsors has agreed to give us a substantial donation. They offered us a third of our estimated budget. Ofcourse we would like to thank this sponsor by telling everyone how great they are, but they prefer to stay anomymous. Nevertheless, thank you! Because of you we can cover our first costs and really get started.

For the rest of the project we are still looking for other corporate sponsors! Döne wrote a businessplan for potential sponsors who are interested in our project. So if you want to join us spreading our message or you know someone who does, please let us know. Contact details are on the sidebar of this website.

There is also a press release written and on the way to press agencies. It’s important to show the world on august 6th we can Coexist in Freedom! All people of all religions and cultures, LGBT or not, want to live in freedom and peace, on August 6th but also before and after this special day.

On our boat we will have special guests who are religious leaders and members of their communities as well as a few VIPs. The last weeks we have already had confirmation from several religious leaders from the Netherlands. But we will also have some international guests from Canada, Finland and hopefully France. They will soon be introduced to you on this website.

Also this week the website has been updated and revised with a lot of new features added. The website looks nicer on laptops, desktops and phones with the background picture all the way to the edges. Our countdown timer is more accurate, 151 days to go at his moment. And very importantly, we added a donate page, where small donations can be done from March 15th.

For bigger donations it might be better to wait on our crowdfunding page at Barbara is working on this project and will have more to tell soon. Please wait for more information on our website or on our Facebook site.

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Kick off event


Today, on Valentine’s Day, was the kick off event for Gay Pride 2016, at the same time Euro Pride 2016. The organization showed an impression of Gay Pride 2015 and announced the program for this year’s Gay Pride. They also introduced three new ambassadors, Margriet van der Linden, Valentijn de Hingh en Diva Mayday.

After that, Frits Huffnagel, chairman of AGP, finally anounced the 80 contestants that were accepted to have a boat at this years Canal Parade. He did this in alphabetical order so for a little while we weren’t sure what name to wait for: H – Holy Boat I – Internationale Roze Kerk or W – World Religion Boat. As you can see we had to wait till the I!

Where most names were just announced, Frits Huffnagel took some extra time for our boat. He mentioned AGP was proud to give some attention for different religions on this new boat of ours. “De verschillende geloven zullen niet op één kussen, maar op één boot staan.”


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We’ve got a boat!

It all started with a vision many people all over the world share: Wouldn’t the world be a more peaceful place if everbody would coexist? All people should respect each other’s cultural background, religion and sexual orientation.

Reverend Barbara Rogoski of the Internationale Roze Kerk in the Hague also has this vision and wanted to spread the message about the World Religion Boat, the world’s first interreligious boat, at Europride 2016 in Amsterdam. And by starting to talk about it more and more, people were stepping forward to help the holy boat be at the parade.


On February 14th the kick off event of Gay Pride 2016, this year’s Europride, will take place in Amsterdam. During this event the organization will announce which 80 boats are chosen to join the Canal Parade this year. All chosen contestants have already got an invitation for this event and so did we.

So a dream is coming true! WE’VE GOT A BOAT!

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