Gerwin Smit

gerwingouda3Artist and stage set designer.

Live and let live has been my motto all my live!

When Nadine told me about Coexist in Freedom and Barbara and the Holy boat I happily joined the team as the designer.

I have designed sets and costumes for many operas, plays, movies and ballets. Both in the theatres and on location but this will be my first design for a boat.

I hope this boat and theme will make a contribution to show all that religion itself is not opposed Homosexuality. That gay and religious can go together. That no matter what faith, gay and religious can go together.

We all know that there is only one message : Love your fellow humans whatever color or sexuality, love yourself, love all animals and love the earth we live on.

Whenever I create a work of art I always try to put in a spark of the message of Light and Hope.

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