Help us find our new kick butt theme song.

We are looking for a new THEME SONG for the boat and need help to find the right one. We used ‘We are the World’ in 2016 and it was awesome. We need another song like this with strong,upbeat message of love, helping others, peace and courage. The theme of the 2018 canal parade is HEROES. But we don’t want David Bowie.
Do you know a great song that would be a good theme song for us? If you send in your suggestion and our board approves it, you will receive one free place on the boat (Euro 75.00 value) and invitation to our private reception on the Thursday night.
Please note that we know about Bowie’s HERO, and THIS IS ME from the Greatest Showman. These will not be considered as potential theme. Write your best theme song on the World Religion Boat Messenger -which will be private – and we will confirm your message. Any questions, contact Barbara Rogoski. Contest open until March 31st. PLEASE HELP US FIND OUR NEW KICK BUTT THEME SONG.

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