The World Religion Boat Will Sail Again in 2018

Where many of you will have made New Years resolutions, we already made them a month ago. After many hours of deliberating we, the WRB team, decided that we are going to sail again on August 4th 2018. Lucky for us the AGP organisation has confirmed that we can still use the wildcard that came with our first prize in 2016, so we are certain of a place in the Canal Parade Fleet.

Our theme of 2018 will be ‘Coexist as ONE family’. As our visitors from 2016 will confirm this describes the feeling we all had while sailing through the Amsterdam Canals.

One of the conditions to sail again was the participation of our friend and art designer Gerwin Smit. He already saw us coming with our request and responded enthusiastically and came up with another amazing design. This year our core team is going to be much bigger than last time, as a lot of our visitors from 2016 are willing to help us with the 2018 challenge. You can find more information about our team at the ‘About Us’ tab in the menu. Do you also want to be part of the organizing team or do you have ideas about funding? Please post here or on our Facebook page.

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