Kiki Boops looking for God during GayPride

kiki boopsDrag queen Kiki Boops, known from Holland’s Got Talent, will join the World Religion Boat during Gay Pride. She will sing the themesong ‘We are the World’. By sailing on the World Religion Boat Kiki wants to show that she believes …..
Aneudy Garcia’s alter ego Kiki Boops represents the searching believers on the World Religion Boat. It was confusing for the organization whether Aneudy could join the event without an active religion. That was why Chairperson, Barbara Rogoski started a conversation with him. For Aneudy this was unique, ‘I wasn’t judged for who I am, but asked about my vision on religion.’

Aneudy grew up in a deeply religious family in the Dominican Republic. ‘A coming out means that you don’t fit anymore in the picture that your church is painting, but it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love you anymore. If your faith is real, you can actually FEEL God.’ Aneudy was looking for answers and found new questions. But all questions and answers lead him to a clear conclusion: ‘God exists and He exists for all of us.’ Aneudy says that his knowledge is limited, but he has an open view to all ideas and is looking for a religious place where he can come home to.

In his personal experience people are experiencing religion in a wrong way: ‘People are living by rules written down in very old books. We should realize that we are living now, many generations after the people that wrote those books. It’s important what you are doing with your faith TODAY! We are the people that should rewrite the Holy scriptures! It’s all about recognizing, feeling and experiencing God! We should include everybody, because we are all God’s creation!’

Aneudy takes Jesus as an example. Jesus didn’t stick to the old stories in the old Testament, the Jewish scrolls. He was innovative! He adjusted his Jewish religion to the time he was living in and preached God’s love for all. That’s the way we should do it, too. You have to figure out ‘What can I get out of my religion?”

The message that the World Religion Boat wants to share with the world fits perfectly with Aneudy’s vision. When we are talking about the boat, Aneudy gets all excited. As a visual artist, it’s no problem for him to visualize the boat on August 6th: ‘All religions will be there, hand in hand, together showing the world that it’s all about love and respect.’ According to Aneudy, it’s just another way of thinking: ‘It’s all about respect, that will make sure that the differences no longer create distance.’ ‘Hey look at us here on this boat, we even have a drag queen!’

Studio_20160726_003830When we asked him if he thinks being on the boat will have consequences for his career, Aneudy is very clear: ‘ I do this for my heart! Everything will be alright, because If God is not with me, I don’t know!’ He even believes he received his artistic from God. ‘God gave me these gifts, if I don’t use them He could take them again. Art is what I am!’

A final message Aneudy Garcia/Kiki Boops wants to share with us is: ‘Don’t be afraid to be good! No matter the God you have, if you keep goodness in your heart, that God is gonna be good with you!’


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