And we walked with Pride!!!


Roze Zaterdag, Amsterdam, opening EuroPride 2016

After an amazing day in het Vondelpark, we gathered at the M. It was so nice to finaly meet so many people that are on our guest list. We have been mailing with all our guests, but many of them we never saw in real life till this day.

The M was meetingpoint for the religious groups in the march, meaning De vlaggenactie from Wielie Elhorst and Berendien Bos and our Coexist group. During the march we formed one group and that felt powerful! The banner of the World Religion Boat was the face of the religious LGBT’s and the huge rainbowflag, 25 meters!, was it’s body; God’s family was showing itself!

It was so special to be part of the Pride March together with another 10.000 participants, to walk through the crowds to the Dam, to see how our message spread. Some of the audience just read the message and smiled, others started an aplause that found it’s way through the crowd.

The march stopped at de Dam, but our journey will go on, at least till August 6th. Then we will sail and show them our message again! Coexist in Freedom! If we can do it on a boat, YOU can do it too!

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