French gay imam on our boat!

Studio_20160621_101614 We are very proud to let you know that the French gay imam and doctor in social and human sciences

Ludovic Mohammed Zahed

will be on the World Religion Boat!

He is a French Muslim who is gay, and a feminist. He no longer wants people to think that it is an impossible blend, and that these different aspects of his identity are incompatible, just because of fascists’ violence which as nothing to do with islam as a spirituality based on peace and inclusivity. With this in mind he started a mosque in Paris in 2010 where all people are welcome to pray together. All are welcome, no matter their religious background or sexual orientation.

About the need for places like this Ludovic Zahed said “Today in France, gay teenagers are almost 15 times more likely than those who are straight to kill themselves because of their sexual orientation. Left deeply bruised by this fact, I decided to create an association in support of LGBT+ French, European and North African Muslims.”

“For me it is mandatory to fight against all discrimination and prejudices especially those within our minorities towards other faith based traditions”. We hope that the World Religion Boat, together with all religious leaders, activists and members on the boat, can show the world that all discrimination and prejudices can be thrown overboard when we show eachother respect and love!

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