Holy Boat Update!

Studio_20160307_022512A lot has happened during this last week. Our boat designer “extra ordinaire”, Gerwin is in discussion with several contractors and are making the final decisions with Barbara this week. By hiring the contractor the type of boat we want to use has made the details more concrete.

Gerwin has been sharing sketches of the vision we have for the boat and it is becoming more clear and exciting every day! On August 6th we will know if our boat will be just as fabulous as the sketch.

Also this week Barbara received the news that one of our sponsors has agreed to give us a substantial donation. They offered us a third of our estimated budget. Ofcourse we would like to thank this sponsor by telling everyone how great they are, but they prefer to stay anomymous. Nevertheless, thank you! Because of you we can cover our first costs and really get started.

For the rest of the project we are still looking for other corporate sponsors! Döne wrote a businessplan for potential sponsors who are interested in our project. So if you want to join us spreading our message or you know someone who does, please let us know. Contact details are on the sidebar of this website.

There is also a press release written and on the way to press agencies. It’s important to show the world on august 6th we can Coexist in Freedom! All people of all religions and cultures, LGBT or not, want to live in freedom and peace, on August 6th but also before and after this special day.

On our boat we will have special guests who are religious leaders and members of their communities as well as a few VIPs. The last weeks we have already had confirmation from several religious leaders from the Netherlands. But we will also have some international guests from Canada, Finland and hopefully France. They will soon be introduced to you on this website.

Also this week the website has been updated and revised with a lot of new features added. The website looks nicer on laptops, desktops and phones with the background picture all the way to the edges. Our countdown timer is more accurate, 151 days to go at his moment. And very importantly, we added a donate page, where small donations can be done from March 15th.

For bigger donations it might be better to wait on our crowdfunding page at www.geloofinjeproject.nl. Barbara is working on this project and will have more to tell soon. Please wait for more information on our website or on our Facebook site.

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