Kick off event


Today, on Valentine’s Day, was the kick off event for Gay Pride 2016, at the same time Euro Pride 2016. The organization showed an impression of Gay Pride 2015 and announced the program for this year’s Gay Pride. They also introduced three new ambassadors, Margriet van der Linden, Valentijn de Hingh en Diva Mayday.

After that, Frits Huffnagel, chairman of AGP, finally anounced the 80 contestants that were accepted to have a boat at this years Canal Parade. He did this in alphabetical order so for a little while we weren’t sure what name to wait for: H – Holy Boat I – Internationale Roze Kerk or W – World Religion Boat. As you can see we had to wait till the I!

Where most names were just announced, Frits Huffnagel took some extra time for our boat. He mentioned AGP was proud to give some attention for different religions on this new boat of ours. “De verschillende geloven zullen niet op één kussen, maar op één boot staan.”


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We’ve got a boat!

It all started with a vision many people all over the world share: Wouldn’t the world be a more peaceful place if everbody would coexist? All people should respect each other’s cultural background, religion and sexual orientation.

Reverend Barbara Rogoski of the Internationale Roze Kerk in the Hague also has this vision and wanted to spread the message about the World Religion Boat, the world’s first interreligious boat, at Europride 2016 in Amsterdam. And by starting to talk about it more and more, people were stepping forward to help the holy boat be at the parade.


On February 14th the kick off event of Gay Pride 2016, this year’s Europride, will take place in Amsterdam. During this event the organization will announce which 80 boats are chosen to join the Canal Parade this year. All chosen contestants have already got an invitation for this event and so did we.

So a dream is coming true! WE’VE GOT A BOAT!

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